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Welcome to Thai Pavilion Restaraunt



 Reflecting the heritage of Thai arts and crafts and inspired by Thailand's Grand Palace, Thai Pavilion Restaurant has been decorated and designed to offer visitors an unforgettable
experience and a range of atmospheres! Interior colours and
lighting are carefully selected to suit the pleasure for dining
and to welcome  all visitors to the restaurant.
Royal Thai Cuisine and  heart-warmth service are the most important concern of the restaurant. To ensure that all customers will be friendly and luxuriously treated, Thai chefs from five hotels in Bangkok and staff have been carefully chosen to serve delicious foods.
Every evening at The Thai Pavilion restaurant, all staff definately commit to making your dining experience a most pleasurable one.
A Touch of Gold...A Taste of Exquisite Dining...
at Thai Pavilion Restaurant.

The Venerable Monks visited our Restaurant


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